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jeudi 10 août 2017


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Chris Chambers

Many thanks Hervé for these reviews of my book. Alas, my French is nowhere near good enough to be able to read them without a translation aid, but it's been great to follow them each week!

So the big question is: what happens next? And, in particular, what can we do in France to strengthen the transparency and reproducibility of psychology and other life sciences? Are there any changes we can make in institutional or government policies to increase the requirements on researchers to share data and digital study materials, while also providing them with the training and resources to do so? Are there incentives we can build into French academia, and perhaps graduate training, for researchers to publish Registered Reports? The decisions we make now will shape the incentive structures for the next generation of scientists and will hopefully go a long way to repairing them.

The future, as they say, is an open road.

Merci beaucoup!

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